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Free Industry Report: Bankers as Buyers 2022

Building a Resilient Tomorrow: Alternative Payments, Digital Transformations,  Customer Experiences and more

Bankers as Buyers 2022


What are the decisions we can make in 2022 about technology, resources, corporate culture, etc. that enable us to build a more resilient tomorrow for financial institutions?

In the 19th annual Bankers as Buyers report, we examine the evolving financial landscape and discuss the strategies behind building a more resilient tomorrow for FIs.

Learn more about:

  • Technology integration
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Payments
  • Lending
  • Customer Acquisition 
  • Security 
As always, Bankers as Buyers rely on interviewing a wide variety of people we trust, published reports, and contributed articles.

Featured companies include:

  • IDC Financial Insights
  • TTV Capital
  • BAI
  • Celent
  • CSI
  • ICBA
  • Jack Henry & Associates
  • SRM
And many more fintech and finserv leaders. 
Get your copy today to understand what bankers are focused on in 2022.