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Free Report: Bankers as Buyers 2021

The Pillars of Banking During the New Normal: Back Office Digital Transformation, Virtual Customer Service, Revamping Growth Strategies and More

BAB 2021


It's been said that the global pandemic pushed many businesses' five year plans into immediate action. Over the past year, this sentiment is especially true for the U.S. financial services industry. From reconfiguring workplace practices to fit social distancing requirements to navigating an influx of security threats to digitizing everything for customers and employees alike, 2020 brought a wave of evolution that hasn't been seen in financial services in years. 

In our 18th annual report, we examine the evolving relationship between financial institutions, financial technology providers and fintechs as the industry continues to change at a rapid pace. As always, Bankers as Buyers relies on interviewing a wide variety of people we trust, published reports and contributed articles.

Key Themes for 2021:

  • Growing Revenue
  • Internal/Back Office Technology
  • Banks Evolving Relationships with Fintechs
  • Banking During the Pandemic (and lessons for the future)
  • Government Outlook
  • Payments Outlook
  • Neobanks/Challenger Banks