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Free Report: Bankers as Buyers 2020

Technologies to Improve Efficiencies, Security Challenges for Banks, Unexpected Consequences of Automation and More...

BAB 2020 (1)


In 2019,  we saw a dramatic shift in how  fintechs view banks. Rather than being competitors, the two groups are often partners and valuable informants.  How will these trends and changes impact where bankers invest in 2020?  Perhaps even more intriguing, where would bankers invest if budget were not an issue? 

In our 17th annual report, we compiled a collection of research, observations, and contributed articles to spotlight what technologies and market forces will have a substantial impact on our banking system in the next 1-3 years. 

Key Themes for 2020:

  • How Banks Buy Technology
  • Technologies to Improve Efficiencies
  • Security Challenges
  • The Unexpected Consequences of Automation
  • Non-Traditional Competition and Partnerships