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What Businesses Should Take Away From Twitter’s Expanded Character Count

In November 2017, Twitter executives decided to change the platform’s iconic 140 character count for tweets, allowing users of European languages such as English, Portuguese, French and Spanish to now use up to 280 characters. This update is a fundamental change for the platform, whose brand is closely associated with the brevity of the original character count.

What’s the Most Important Part of a PR Campaign? Effectively Reporting its Value

Measuring the success of a public relations program can be a difficult task. The benefits of PR are not always as easily quantifiable as marketing or advertising, but when a company invests in a public relations program, it wants to know the true impact of these efforts on its bottom line.  A recent survey by the American Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) found that 88 percent of PR professionals think that measurement is integral to a successful public relations campaign, but only 77 percent of the professionals surveyed are currently tracking their programs.  So how can public relations efforts be showcased and shown as valuable to clients?

We’re Sorry: Two Important PR Lessons From KFC’s Chicken-gate

The troubling United Airlines situations, the Snapchat debacle, and the ongoing litany of scandals continue to steal the headlines day after day. These epic public relations failures are prime examples of how NOT to manage a corporate crisis.  However, a few weeks ago a chicken shortage surprisingly provided two invaluable lessons, further showing how crucial it is for a company to respond quickly and honestly to a potentially negative situation.  KFC’s response to the chicken crisis was so simple, yet so powerful.

What Will Bankers Purchase in 2018?

In general, financial institutions are starting 2018 off in better financial shape than in previous years, and while they will continue to focus on traditionally important areas of their businesses such as compliance, eliminating fraud and refining delivery channel strategies, there are many other key areas of technology and innovation that warrant attention. Bankers as Buyers explores what banks will likely invest in this year and provides ideas and concepts from leading industry analysts, banking consultants and financial technology professionals on the top trends impacting the financial industry in 2018, including:

What to Expect at FinovateFall 2017

Finovate Fall 2017 is shaping up to be another great event this year and I am excited to once again be live blogging the presenters featured in the Demo Sessions for both days. It’s hard to believe that next week’s event marks my seventh year live blogging and the reception has always been very positive. I do hope that you’ll consider following my live blogging updates at

A Grand Celebration, a Footrace, and a Bit of Philanthropy as William Mills Agency Marks Its 40th Anniversary

As you may be aware, 2017 is the 40th anniversary of William Mills Agency (WMA). Over the past four decades, our agency has grown from a small advertising firm to an established, industry leading provider of public relations, marketing and crisis communications for nearly 60 organizations throughout the United States and Europe.

Growing up in the Family Business: Celebrating William Mills’ 40th Anniversary

Q: How was it growing up with the agency?

K.T.: It was nice growing up at the agency. I remember coming to the agency after school to help my dad with his filing. As a kid, the littlest things are the most memorable. I remember sitting for hours crushing cans for recycling or talking with Eloise and Ruth who would tease me about putting three packets of hot chocolate in my cup. Bill had a toy I would play where you shoot a penny into a piggy bank. (He often let me keep the change in the piggy bank afterwards.)

40 Years of William Mills Agency, the Family Reflects on the Milestone

Q: How does it feel to be in your 40th year?

Eloise: It’s hard to believe. Time really does fly.

William: Time has gone by amazingly fast. I can’t believe it has been 34 years since I joined the agency full-time right out of college. This decision has shaped my life in so many positive ways. I met my wife, Alecia, at the agency, and I’ve had the opportunity to work side by side with all of my immediate family members as well as so many great associates that are more like family than just friends or co-workers.

Financial Conferences this Fall Showcasing New Ideas and Innovation

I’ll admit it, I really do look forward to the fall conference season. Between September and October, we’ll see a host of new companies, ideas and innovation, and we’ll hear from the “experts” on those issues we need to pay attention to in 2017. While this year will be remembered for: fintech labs and partnerships with traditional FI’s; the rise of millennials; and a push for real-time payments; I’ve been thinking a lot about how to gauge disruption and how we should view the messengers.