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What’s the Most Important Part of a PR Campaign? Effectively Reporting its Value

Measuring the success of a public relations program can be a difficult task. The benefits of PR are not always as easily quantifiable as marketing or advertising, but when a company invests in a public relations program, it wants to know the true impact of these efforts on its bottom line.  A recent survey by the American Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) found that 88 percent of PR professionals think that measurement is integral to a successful public relations campaign, but only 77 percent of the professionals surveyed are currently tracking their programs.  So how can public relations efforts be showcased and shown as valuable to clients?

How Blogging Can Boost Your PR Plan

As public relations professionals, our job is to help companies tailor and fine-tune their public voice. Traditional PR strategies and tactics help to accomplish this goal, but in today’s digital landscape, many PR campaigns are not complete without a blogging strategy to communicate important messages directly to prospects and customers. There are many benefits to adding a blog to your existing public relations activities. Here are a few to consider: