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Finovate Spring 2018 - Day 1

Good day! Welcome to FinovateSpring 2018. I’m here at the Santa Clara Convention Center covering the demos.

FinovateFall 2017 Live Blog - Day 2

William Mills Agency will be live blogging at FinovateFall 2017. Check back for new updates throughout the day.

FinovateFall 2017 Live Blog - Day 1

William Mills Agency will be live blogging at FinovateFall 2017. Check back for new updates throughout the day.

William Mills III, CEO William Mills Agency Live Blog from Finovate Fall NYC 2012-DAY TWO

William Mills, CEO, William Mills Agency


First presentation about to begin.


IDology – John Dancu (CEO) and Chris. Sell to FI’s. I think I sat next to John once at a dinner to benefit the school where our kids went in Atlanta. I hear good things about the company in Atlanta. Platform has been in place eight years; for out-of-wallet questions. Allows FI’s to use their own data to ask the right questions. Discuss FFIEC issues.  IDEnterprise to allow lower cost, prevents frauds and is more relevant. Now showing private label bank app, looks Android, simple way to validate people. Looks pretty slick.


IND Group – Mobile/PFM solution, used internationally.  Showing tablet demo.  Jozef and Roland are leading the demo. Very nice GUI.  Showing in Euros, I  think they need to show a demo using US currency. Very good dashboard and graphics.
From the company:
IND Group is a leading innovator and developer of online and mobile banking, PFM and payments technology products on the global e-finance market. The key differentiator of IND Group’s solutions is the strong focus on the customer experience, and our product portfolio is designed to meet the expectations of the 21st century users. Our goal is to evolve online banking technology to web 2.0, turning it into a sales and customer engagement platform.



IDology photo from earlier



ImpulseSave – Phil Freemont-Smith (CEO)and Anne Steinhaus.  Phil speaking about the importance of savings and getting folks away from impulse purchasing.  It looks like a platform to make saving easy and fun. Showing web portal now.  Social component. 40% of users do share what they are saving for.  Looks like banks private label the portal.



Locaid – Rip Gerber (CEO) – product demo that is being used by Wells Fargo and VISA.  Has been working on the product for a number of years. Spoke about challenge of authentication.  Showing mobile. Use mobile device to locate where a cardholder is during a transaction. INSTANT LOCATE Web API for FI’s. Locating device; no app on device. VERY COOL. Based on 911 geolocation that was put in place several years ago. They do more than location. They use their API to draw “geo fences” around ATMs, branches, etc. so they can ping a device that leaves the area. I could see where this would really help with both fraud and marketing.


More Locaid photos


More Locaid photos


Ohpen – Chris Zadeh (CEO) – Speaking about their product/solution; will demo at booth. Based in Europe. I’m having a hard time really understanding what they do for banks in Europe. It sounds like the have a built a new core banking system that is cloud-based.  This is cool but how is it different than service bureau? We want to be the for banks. Said can cut IT costs 90%.


Thomson Reuters – Jaime Punishill and Dennis Lim.  How can we create new apps to serve our clients. They are now showing an app store from TR. STK to partners.  I have to admit, I’m struggling to understand the value prop. for the app store; I’ll have to study it more. It’s showing on a Window PC with IE I think.  They clearly have done a lot of work in back-end integration.


Cachet Financial Solutions – Larry Blaney and Christopher Ebbert are speaking. RD Capture for FI’s. I’ve seen them present here before. We do a lot of work in this space so I’m very interested in their presentation.  1. monitor in real time, 2 business rules and tracking. It looks at the images before transmissions via Check Review web portal. Has a dupe detector (which is REALLY important).  High resolution images from their clients.  Mitigates risk, dupes, giving expense check example to monitor business rules.  Everything is web-based so far unless I’ve missed something. I don’t know a TON about these folks so I’ll need to learn more.


aSpark – Raj Patil (CEO) and Rajul Rana (CTO).  Showing a dashboard on an iPad. It’s an investing platform. “Stock Panorama” delivers what matters and when to investors with smart alerts. It looks multi-platform, tablet, IOS, Android, PC, etc.  Nice dashboard; very attractive.

From the company: At aSpark, we are all about the “New Interaction Model”
– how new and emerging technologies change the way we consume and use information, how we interact with enterprises, how we do routine tasks like reading, banking, scheduling appointments.


Luminous – London, UK-based. Warren Bond (CEO) and Andrew Teversham (CTO) – Showing a web-based dashboard on a Windows PC.  It looks like they do “soup to nuts” from commercial lending to PFM and more. It LOOKS like something a bank would overlay over their core system but it doesn’t seem to be teller/call center Dashboard. I think it’s to help C-Level executives know who is doing what, what the “retail detail” is compared to budget.
From the company:
Luminous is a boutique company that solely focuses on banking innovation. Luminous’ know-how and field experience mean they are uniquely placed to improve existing banking processes and products by developing solutions that help their banking customers reduce costs, deliver ROI and stay ahead of their competitors. Our aim is simple, for every dollar spent with us our banking customers achieve a 600% ROI. For us, innovation is not just a catchphrase. It is at the core of everything we do.




It’s almost 10:50 and they are getting ready to re-start.


DigitalMailer – Ron Daley (President and CEO) and Greg Crandall (EVP) – My Virtual StrongBox. Secure online filing system that allows customers to retain ownership.  Showing web demo with Northwest FCU using multi-factor authentication. Five core folders – docs, legal, finance, photos and other. He has a folder with folder of what is in his safe deposit box.  Application can be used for medical records as well. As customers buy space the FI can make money. Debuting their iPad app with Malauzai Software (Disclosure: Malauzai is a WMA client). Two multi-billion FI’s are now using the solution. Bank, CU, tech company, they are interested in working with you.


More from DigitalMailer


Stockr – Vinnie and Tim. “Best place in the world for people to talk and share about stocks”. Facebook integration. Takes offline life and brings it online.

Site will be live in 20 minutes.


Credit Sesame – Adrian Nazari (Founder and CEO) plus one. I’ve heard good things about them; I think from Clark Howard. It’s a great web-based GUI. Helps consumers with their credit as well as other financial products.

From the company: The Easiest Way to Manage
Your Credit and Build Your Wealth
Monitor your free credit score, every month
Manage your loans, debt and credit all in one place
Get mortgage, refinance and loan rates tailored to you

Read more:


Banno (formerly T8) – Wade Arnold and Ben Metz. Full disclosure: William Mills Agency represents Banno.  I’ve worked with Wade and his team personally and believe they really bringing some of the best new ideas and solutions to FI’s related to social, mobile and Internet. They are showing a geolocation element to their new app: GRIP. GRIP supports bar code scans as well.


Screen grab from Banno


Mortgage Harmony – Keith Kelly is CEO and Ray Crosier is President. I remember Keith from his previous company and Ray when he was with ORCC.  I think they are really on to something. If you remember how much D+H bought Mortgagebot I think this could be a great service for FI’s, borrowers and probably a good investment.

From their web site: The HarmonyLoan is a patented consumer-initiated interest rate-resetting mortgage with a recurring compensation structure. It allows the borrower to reset their interest rate every 120 days or more, provided their payment history meets reasonable standards. That means the homeowner can benefit from decreased interest rates without the hassle or cost of refinancing their loan. Upon the first rate reset, annual recurring sales compensation is triggered, lasting for the life of the loan. For credit unions this results in cost-saving benefits to its members. For banks, this incents the loan officer to actively manage the loan with the consumer, increasing the average life of the customer relationship, and improving investor margins.


Backbase – Greg and Jelmer – Software company that lays on top of bank’s current tech. Launching LAUNCHPAD for client engagement, digital marketing and more. Integrate the bank’s core bank content and bill pay and present in a seamless journey. Works from the biggest banks to the smallest credit union.  So it’s a portal/app to bring a tighter relationship with the bank/CU’s customers. I like it. I think I’ve seen them before here but I’m not sure.


more from Backbase


Pindrop Security – Vijay Balasubramaniyan (CEO) and Matt Anthony (VP Marketing). It looks like it uses the mobile to stop online phishing or spearing.  It sounds pretty interesting. Social hacking is a growing problem so I think this can be a big help.

Info from the company: Pindrop Security provides enterprise solutions that help prevent phone-based fraud. Its acoustical fingerprinting technology detects fraudulent calls and authenticates legitimate callers, helping customers eliminate financial losses and reduce operational costs. Pindrop’s breakthrough technology is the first of its kind to fingerprint individual phone calls, providing verification of caller provenance. Recently named one of the 10 Most Innovative Companies at the 2012 RSA conference, Pindrop’s solutions help companies feel more confident in the security of phone-based financial transactions.


More from Pindrop.


Bolstr – Larry Baker (Co-Founder) and Charlie Tribbett (Co-Founder) plus their CTO. Crowdsourcing funding platform. Reg D compliant. I’m not finding a lot about them on the net, perhaps they are new.  It’s a nice GUI for SMB to raise funds. Has a compliance engine and is a new private capitol marketplace. Hyberlocal.
From the company: Bolstr was founded to provide Small Businesses with a simple fundraising tool that enables them to transform their network and community into a team of investors, and supporters.

Through step-by-step guidance, Bolstr democratizes, and simplifies the process of raising money through a private offering. By utilizing the technique of “crowdfunding”, Bolstr enables Small Businesses to reach out to their networks and communities to raise smaller investments from a larger group of people. With Bolstr, Small Businesses can effectively leverage their network and community to raise the money needed to operate and expand.


FISERV – Serge Van Dam and Andy Barnett demoing a new product being used by 1,000+ FI’s around the world – Speak to Pay. They haven’t shown the demo yet but it sounds like a payments play that may have come out of the old Checkfree in Norcross.  Showing SPEECH-based demo on mobile phone – iPhone. Looks like custom app using your voice. So far, so good, nice computer-based voice (not SIRI) so hopefully it’s an Android app as well. I think it’s pretty cool. The voice is kind of like “HAL” from the movie “2001″. So far, it seems to work pretty well as they used an example of paying Home Depot and Georgia Power so again, I suspect this tech came out of Atlanta.


More from FISERV’s Speak to Pay






CommunityLend – Michael Garrity (CEO) large player in Canada in their space and is launching their iPad app today – NO MERCHANT FEES. Casper Wong is going to do the demo.
From the company: CommunityLend is a rapidly growing new entrant into Canada’s trillion dollar consumer lending industry. Our success comes from pioneering a compelling new lending model where consumer loans are directly originated, qualified and serviced on behalf of lenders through unique origination channels.

Showed how a consumer got financing in the field with a merchant using an iPad, has a web-based version as well “Lender View”. We are not the lender; we act on behalf of the FI’s.  It sounds like kind of a LendingTree for SMB. In Canada now, looking for US launch in 2013.

I think this is something that could work pretty well. How do they make money? Is it private label product for FI’s?  I’ll have to learn more.  They are looking for FI partners.



EMIDA – Ron Kraft (VP GM) and Mark Beckner (CTO) – launching mobile wallet with a focused on the unbanked. CAT Mobile Wallet is the product name. Showing web-based (app?) PC version.  There is a a fixed fee for loading the wallet.  I believe they are big internationally.  Now showing iPhone app demo. Can do international transfers, pay bills, P2P and more. Stored-value card functions.  This looks pretty cool. They did a soft launch 2 weeks ago and will do full launch next week.


Photo from EMIDA

13.37 – “The Mint of Student Loans” Organize and optimize a student loan. Brendon McQueen (CEO) and Steve Pomerantz (Co-Founder & COO)- The service is slick, cool looking and free. How do they make money?  Helping people from 130 schools. Trying to find partners to help put this free tool in front of as many people.


TouMetis – Mark Willnerd (CEO) SMB tools for personal/professional financial management.
Mobile, desktop and more. It’s built on Yodlee’s HTML platform.  I think this is pretty important as so much of a small business financial management is personal financial management.  The best man at my wedding has his own HVAC company and I see this app/platform might work well for him and Subchapter S Corporations.


Guardian Analytics – Eric Remer (CEO) – Launching new product here today. Have 200 FI’s using their tech today. Luis Rojas is doing demo now. FraudMap and FraudExchange are products demonstrated. Slick dashboard. Looks intelligent and easy to use.  Helping to fight Cybercrime.


PaySimple – Eric Remer (CEO) and Jenae Wiegert – sell to Chase, AMEX and more. New system is for dynamic invoicing and help SMB businesses to communicate with their customers.  I like how it works; I’m going to have to learn more. It’s clear that there is a need for better SMB solutions.  It’s web-based and I think has a mobile app as well.

FROM THEIR WEB SITE: We create cloud-based, receivables automation technology that is designed especially for small businesses to simplify the lives of business owners. Easy-to-setup and easy-to-use, our products will help them spend less time chasing, sorting, and monitoring payments – so they do more of what they want to do


more from PaySimple


ValidSoft – John Peterson and Emmanuelle Fisjean. Telco-based. Two-factor, security, making it secure. I know it’s fraud protection but so much going on related to tech and compliance it’s a bit hard to follow. Again, this is another solution for verification using mobile devices. It looks and sounds very European-based, I think it could be great but I would like to see their demo more in tune for the North American market both in currency and automated voices. Very clean mobile interface.


More from ValidSoft




eToro – 2 and 1/2 million people that can see and follow how people follow money. Demon by Johnathan Assia (CEO). Showing the “buzz” around the Apple iPhone 5 and can trade the stock and share with their friends.  SOCIAL TRADING is open so you can see the best traders in the network and see who is the best. You can follow and copy. I’m sure I’ve seen them demo before. I’m not sure if there is something new here. New: first people-based social index.


Manilla – Chris Victory and Bill Eller – online account aggregation in a single-sign on.
Linked a million accounts from users. Showing web version now; has mobile version. AMEX not a partner (yet).  Manilla users tend to use more bank bill pay.  50% of new users are signing up via mobile app.


More from Manilla


Euronovate – Alberto Guidotti and Nicola Ruggiero. Paperless solution based on new tablet for advanced electronic signature. I don’t understand why you would need a separate signature device when there is so many technologies that can do that now – Android, Apple, etc.  I need to learn more. Perhaps this device is WAY cheaper than current devices, I’m not sure. They are speaking about marketing messaging now so perhaps it’s a secure, inexpensive platform at the point of service at a bank.


LeadFusion – Mark Nelson and others. “Most new sales start online – laptop, smartphone tablet. How to start and convert the sale?” Create custom codes online, come to the branch, it might work in a call center but it helps make online sales to real-world sales.
I like it.


more photos


Prepaid Resources – Barry Kessler (CEO and President) and Duane Jacobsen.  It’s an enhanced direct deposit platform. I think it has mobile components so it’s next generation Direct Deposit.



Payfone – Amy Masters and Prakash to demo their solution for better buying through mobile.
We are mobile payment company. Easy, fast process by using the current payment eco-system.
Consumers must enroll first through mobile banking app.Taking signaling network to make sure the device/wallet is a secure device. I think this might be a really good idea. It took me three times/cards to buy Broadway show tickets on my iPad through StubHub and it kept rejecting real working credit cards I use. Maybe because I was doing it on my iPad in the car from LGA.



PayTap – Sean-Michael Daley (CEO) and Chip Oxendine (CTO) Looks like a P2P play but I’m wrong. It’s a way for consumers to split up bills and pay part of them; like roommates in college each pay part of the bill (or parents paying the bill). It has a nice interface and it helps people collaborate on bills. Might be good to help pay bills for the elderly. How do they make money?First online integration with a merchant: Amazon. Facebook app, Android, IOS, etc.

The hall is going great now, very busy.


Finovate has announced Best of Show, the winners are Credit Sesame, Dashlane, Dynamics, eToro, LearnVest, MoneyDesktop, PayTap, ShopKeep POS

William Mills III, CEO William Mills Agency Live Blog from Finovate Fall NYC 2012-DAY ONE

William Mills, CEO, William Mills Agency


I’m here at the conference and it’s looking bigger and better than ever. Due to technical difficulties I was unable to post this morning’s demos but plan to have most other events reported live.

10:30am BREAK from first demos

I ran into Rod Witmond from Atlanta-based Cardlytics (Full disclosure, William Mills Agency represents the company). If you are not familiar with Cardlytics they are doing great work for a number of financial institutions large and small. If you are at Finovate and would like to meet Rod feel free to send me an email at

The next group of sessions are getting ready to start.

10:48 : Waspit is scheduled to go next

Richard and Kasey from Waspit starting demo now for student demographics. 16 million + students in US alone, developed solution to address this market. Showing Apple App on splitting bills at merchants. I’m not sure why they started with students first. They also do contactless and debit cards. Auto check-in and  Facebook updates if you want. Now showing credits and debits with transaction detail with merchants.  Now showing “Banking 2.0″ – ability to upload photos of stuff you’ve done at a merchant or what you bought and tell which friends have been at merchant/venue.  Now showing an integration with Skype.

10:57 PlayMoolah Min Lee (Co-Founder) Looks like a gaming application for financial education for children. App can help children plan and save for things like game systems.  As a grandparent I think this is something my granddaughter would at least give it a try.  I believe kids can use “play” money first to learn what it’s like to earn compound interest then perhaps link to a real bank. I think they make their money by having banks private brand the application.
11:05 Billhighway Vince Thomas (CEO) and  Michele Lange (CMO) are on state now. Mobile Fundraising app is new.  I serve on Florida State University’s College of Communication and Information and this is something of particular interest to me as development is so critical right now as it relates to higher education.


Ignite Sales looks really sharp. Demo from Mitchell and Barbara. It really sounds like a great bank POS application to generate new bank business.


Fiovera – Purna and Prreeti are getting ready to demo their solution to help consumers with bill pay.  It’s like your personal bookkeeper. Right now they are showing a web-based portal on a Windows platform.

It looks pretty slick, helps consumers simplify their bill presentment and payment.


Carta Worldwide – Full NFC solution to market at low cost/risk demo by Giles Sutherland. New platform for modern payment environment.  It sounds like this will be a private label bank solution but I’m not sure. Consumers can load money through a wide variety of payment forms (pre-paid, bank direct, etc.).  Showing a demo using an merchant reader and now showing a web portal of card activity. Peer to peer payment is available as well. Real time back end system. The demo was a white label version app and web demo.


Handpoint – EMV solution demo from David and Thordur. Works with both cards and mobile phones. Showing demo on Android phone. While I know fraud is important but it looks complicated from the merchant side with the phones and POS devices. I’m going to want to learn more about what they are doing in Europe as white label solutions for banks, ISOs and more. PCI compliant.


MasterCard and Linkable Networks – Three speakers including Mario and Tom announcing partnership with Linkable and MC.  It looks like a rewards platform that’s integrated with the card transactions based on the SKU of the exact items.  Showing a Sunday newspaper FSI ad with QR code that a consumer could scan with their phones and THEN use the couple on their mobile which is pretty cool – no more coupon clipping. I’d like to know how they work with banks with this platform. I think it might be more detail based on the SKU data.


Currency Cloud from London, UK Allow businesses to make International payments direct throughout their API. Live today. Did million in payments in August. Fidor Bank in Germany, Transferwise is a P2P client, online financial sites, small banks, app vendors and others.  Mike Laven (CEO) and Nasir Zubairi (Head of Product Marketing) are showing a web-based demo. Nice reporting and transaction information. TCC Connect API is for FX payments is open and a single API payment and currency conversion. Good for small banks or businesses that do a lot of business internationally.


Getting back from lunch. The hall is really big with  a ton of people.


Compass Plus – Maria Nottingham (CMO) and Anthony Genovese (VP Consulting). Full disclosure: WMA represents Compass Plus. Compass Plus is demonstrating with a kiosk of their platform.Compass Plus develops and implements a comprehensive and integrated range of electronic payment technologies. Financial institutions, including retail banks and payment processors. TranzAxis enables FI’s to lower their cots related to a wide range of retail solutions.


Dashlane – Emmanuel Schalit (CEO) and Nishant Mani are buying a printer using the Apple Dashlane app. It’s seems to be really fast. I think it could save a TON of time with purchasing w/o entering so much data. Dashlane captured all parts of the transaction. They are chaining to the Dashlane PC App (I think it’s Apple as well). The way they are able to capture so much data is that they get the information from the consumer web site.  Speaking about advantages for all parts of the FI/Merchant value chain as a universal payment program.


Personal Capital – Bill Harris (CEO) plus two others from Personal Capital. They have built and launched a new 401k but cutting fees in half or more – 1/2 of 1% I’m assuming by new technology. It looks pretty sharp and have been noted by Apple for the GUI.  The web portal looks pretty cool. They support all types of 401k plans. I have family members or retirement age that would really benefit from this program.


SecureKey – Best of Show 2 years ago, received large investments from Intel, VISA, MasterCard and two leading telcos. Their goal is to turn each mobile device as their own personal terminal – transact online without having your card on you.  Intel/MC/Securekey pilot with a laptop for a hardware-based authentication. Christian and Chris. The bottom-line is that if everything is hardware authenticated then they should be HUGE.


MoneyDesktop – PFM and more. They presented in the past and I was impressed. I’ve been following this company and they seem to be real up and comers in the space. From what I understand their users have very high adoption rates as opposed to other PFM solutions. From what I hear their new Mobile apps with their tablet apps have a strong GUI.  It looks a lot easier to see. They are announcing their web widget so they say they have a fast sync back-end so phones, tablets and PC’s will all be up-to-date. I’m not sure HOW they are doing it as so much in banking is batch processed as opposed to real-time but I’ll have to ask them.


Blackhawk Network – Tomas Campos is presenting. Demo on their solution for gift cards. They have found that folks are always using their gift cards so I THINK it enables consumers to have their gift cards digitally.  Using Safeway gift card as an example.
In my opinion, this is the only “Gift Card Wallet” that I’ve ever seen. They may be out there but I don’t know them (yet).  Now showing the mobile experience. It looks to be an iPhone IOS Safari-based experience but also integrates to the GoWallet app on the phone. I have a feeling it does (or will) integrate with the new Apple IOS coming out as early as today.


Experian – Steve is President of the credit bureau in North America. Also presetting is Michele Pearson. Presenting prequel to prevent consumer dropout.  Leverages the current environment, the consumer’s credit and more data points to improve marketing offerings.  While improving lead gen for FI’s but also help consumer better understanding of their credit options.


About to take a break.


The presentations are getting ready to start again. People ask me why I attend Finovate, especially their Fall event. Some of the presenters will wind up failing (we’ve worked with a few) but to me it’s one of the best events where some creative thinkers in financial technology come together with a roomful of bankers, consultants, venture capitalists not to mention the press. The reason they chose to have the event every year in New York is that 1) few other FI events are held there and 2) that’s where the media is.

To me, the conference is a terrific event because of the networking opportunities.  There are so many types of people from all areas that attend Finovate.  I remember last time I was here I spent time with Steve Powless, Matt Lawlor, Dinesh Sheth, Sean Banks and even the consumer finance editor for Consumer Reports and probably 50 more other folks.
I suspect that the the banks,  credit unions and other FI’s that are represented are very forward thinking and are willing to consider technology solutions from innovative technology providers (as opposed to buying everything from one vendor).

Everyone that’s here is not in the hall at the moment but this will give you an idea of how big this event is.


Yodlee – Anil Arora (President and CEO) and Eric? (as a small business owner) to demonstrate how Yodlee has technology for much more than account. Yodlee is the engine that drives a lot of other apps in the FI space.


ACTIANCE – Sarah Carter (GM, Social Business) is showing account aggregation for social networking. I’m waiting to see what the FI aspect will be.  Integrates with SalesForce.


Akamai Technologies – Large public company, not a start up. John Buten (Director of Industry Marketing) 8 of top 10 banks use them. Focus on security today. Will attempt to take down a web site with a DDOS attack (Denial of Service?). One site is protected by Akamai, the other is not. Looks like it works pretty good and the unprotected site doesn’t work.

From the company: Akamai® is the leading cloud platform for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. At the core of the Company’s solutions is the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ providing extensive reach, coupled with unmatched reliability, security, visibility and expertise. Akamai removes the complexities of connecting the increasingly mobile world, supporting 24/7 consumer demand, and enabling enterprises to securely leverage the cloud.


Virtual Piggy – Public Company – Jo Webber (CEO and Founder) – Virtual Piggy helps parents help their children better manage their money with a “Kid Friendly” interface focused in an online world. It’s a check out for a wide variety of merchants and is PCI compliant.
Because kids can’t put confidential data on a web site it is a way for children to better learn about financial basics in a safe eco-system. Just signed FTD flowers as a merchant.


Dynamics – Jeff Mullen (CEO) has raised in VC. I saw them present in the past and it looks very hot. Using cards that look like standard plastic their cards have a wide variety of “smart” technology for multiple accounts on a single card. Pay with debit, credit, points and more. This year focused on EMV solutions for Europe. Only 83% of mag stripe readers in Europe can support EMV. “Chip and Choice” offers to pay with credit or points and can bypass credit. True technology agnostic: Triple interface. Swipe, insert or tap with security with anti-skim tech.


Deluxe Corporation – Petro (VP Marketing) and Tieg. Some AV tech issues; hope to begin shortly.  Solution to help consumers switch FI’s. New FI works with new customer with new tracking system; showing SunTrust demo.  Nice clean web interface. SwitchAgent moved everything over to the new FI.


Deluxe Corporation – Petro (VP Marketing) and Tieg. Some AV tech issues; hope to begin shortly.  Solution to help consumers switch FI’s. New FI works with new customer with new tracking system; showing SunTrust demo.  Nice clean web interface. SwitchAgent moved everything over to the new FI.


mSHIFT – Scott Moeller – (Chairman and CEO) – Mobile banking provider. Merging mobile banking with mobile payments. Pay from DDA or credit and does not use payment rails via ACH.  Also has mobile rewards. It reminds me of mobile banking and our former client Bling Nation a little bit in that it uses alternative payment platforms and is tied to unique merchant rewards. Also has built in fraud tools. 30 FI’s signed up for the mobile pilot.


The demo sessions are concluding today and the exhibit/demo booths are now very busy. This is where a lot of the real work gets done here.  I’ll be working the exhibit area at 4pm and am on the first row if you would like to schedule a meeting. Also, you can call or TXT me at 678-694-7213 this afternoon or email me at

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