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What Will Bankers Purchase in 2018?

In general, financial institutions are starting 2018 off in better financial shape than in previous years, and while they will continue to focus on traditionally important areas of their businesses such as compliance, eliminating fraud and refining delivery channel strategies, there are many other key areas of technology and innovation

Podcast: Crone Consulting, LLC's Take on The Payoff of Bank-Branded Mobile Wallets With Tender Reciprocity

In this podcast, William Mills Agency's Charlyne McWilliams interviews Richard Crone and Heidi Liebenguth from Crone Consulting, LLC. They discuss key insights from their article in the 2016 Bankers as Buyers Report titled, "The Payoff of Bank-Branded Mobile Wallets With Tender Reciprocity." For the full transcript of the interview, see

Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

Within today’s technology-centric world, consumers expect on demand access to information anytime, anywhere. Whether consumers are shopping for a new house, refilling a prescription or ordering a new pair of shoes, having complete access on the go is no longer an option, but a necessity. Just as new technology has

PR and Content Marketing go together like Bonnie and Clyde

PR and content marketing are the answer to your fintech brand awareness and lead generation woes.

When you are searching on Google, do you ever click on the advertisements? When you are scrolling through Facebook, do you pay any attention to the ads on the side? Recent studies by Goo

What’s the Big [FinTech] Deal?

Through four decades, our agency has been considered by many as the leading communications firm dedicated to financial services. But bigger than that, we began getting caught up in this world of “fintech” long before it became the latest overnight sensation, which – by the way – has actually been

Technologists See Hybrid as the Future of the Cloud

Last month I attended the COLLABORATE 16 conference for Oracle users at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. When the more than 5,500 attendees weren’t losing all their money on the Wheel of Fortune ™ slot machines (or maybe that was just me), they were busy attending

PR Insight: Blogs Are the Building Blocks of Social Media

Social media is a ubiquitous force in our society. It has evolved from a source of entertainment and a place to connect with friends and family to a trusted source of information that has the power to shape consumers’ perceptions, influence their ideas and affect their behavior.

Credit unions recognize

MBA Tech Conference: New Outlooks, New Opportunities

The Mortgage Bankers Association’s National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference and Expo was held April 3rd through 6th in sunny Los Angeles, California. The four-day conference included more than 30 sessions based on the mortgage industry’s most prominent issues including data and analytics, emerging technologies, regulation and compliance and information

Video Interview Part Two: Why EMV Will Be a Major Failure in 2016

In part two of our Bankers as Buyers video interview, Jimmy Sawyers, Co-Founder of Sawyers & Jacobs, LLC, speaks with William Mills Agency’s Charlyne McWilliams to discuss EMV technology and its impact on customer experience in the U.S.

Communicating With Millennials

3 topics to discuss with Gen Y members through blogs, social media and video

Observing the financial struggles their parents endured, the millennial generation -- those born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s--have developed a different point of view about finances and the financial industry than those of