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PR Insight: New Kids on the Block

How CUs can effectively engage with Gen Z

As featured in this month's CUES PR Insights.

There have been countless debates, discussions and deliberations on how to best connect with and establish loyalty among millennials over the past several years. However, this generation’s time in the spotlight is coming to

Communicating With Millennials

3 topics to discuss with Gen Y members through blogs, social media and video

Observing the financial struggles their parents endured, the millennial generation -- those born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s--have developed a different point of view about finances and the financial industry than those of

The 6 Steps to Crisis Communication Preparedness

How to manage your efforts when crisis strikes

In many ways, 2015 was the Year of the Crisis when it came to corporate communications – from the Volkswagen emissions scandal to the host of data breaches that affect financial services companies. The reality is that allorganizations will experience a crisis

Enhancing Content Marketing

Use your public relations team to support your program

As we approach the end of 2015 and look to the future, it is apparent that content marketing has been, and will continue to be, an important part of the marketing strategy of credit unions. While traditional marketing techniques are still

How to Win Over Members With Content Marketing

The 5 components of a successful strategy

Historically, credit unions have relied on traditional marketing techniques, such as developing brochures, investing in radio advertising, maintaining a strong website, conducting informative webinars, to draw in new members as well as keep themselves top of mind among existing members.

While these marketing

Speak Up!

How credit unions can secure effective speaking engagements 

Securing a speaking engagement can be a very valuable tool for credit union executives when they are trying to increase their exposure and position themselves as thought leaders throughout the financial industry. However, being selected to speak at an esteemed trade show