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Trademarks: It’s Time to Protect your Financial Brand

Trademarks are a critical tool for financial marketing and brand development. However, many FinTech and mortgage service providers don’t do enough today to protect their brand. There are many instances where a lack of proper trademark usage can harm your business.  As a company, you need to understand what you can and cannot protect and right now, financial service providers often do not do enough to protect their brands.

Don’t Let Your Financial PR Plan Get the Summertime Blues

As spring ends, so does the traditional growth season for most business-to-business organizations. The summer months mark a time when executives usually huddle in conference rooms to brainstorm and strategize their activities for fall and the new year ahead. To ensure that your banking or mortgage organization’s public relations and marketing plan does not lose the momentum you’ve worked hard to create, this time should also be used to reconnect with customers by integrating them into your financial PR and marketing plan in the following ways:

You’re fat and your company’s PR didn’t work. Here’s why:

“I tried to lose weight, but it didn’t work.” “We tried PR, but it didn’t work.” The explanations and excuses for failures are the same for both. And the fundamental solutions are the same for both as well.

New Product Launch Strategies in Financial Markets

Launching new products in the financial industry is something very different from introducing consumer packaged goods. To put it simply, marketing to banks isn’t like selling soda. Introducing technology solutions in highly-regulated industries, such as banking, come with unique challenges. However, using the proper communication strategies will make your marketing to the financial industry less daunting.

Leveraging your Speaking Engagements will Help your Company Sell to Banks

Speaking engagements provide excellent exposure for your company and offer a great advantage to secure sales leads. However, speaking at a financial tradeshows is not enough. There are a variety of methods available to truly take advantage of each speaking opportunity. William Mills Agency’s PR teams can help you make the most of every event. Collaborate with them to execute the best tactics for your company to better sell to banks and your target markets.

Six Steps to Secure your Next Speaking Opportunity in the Financial Industry

Securing speaking engagements at financial tradeshows is great exposure for your company and a key to better marketing to banks, credit unions, payments providers and other financial audiences. Work with your financial public relations team to determine the best conferences and key message points for your company. If it is a priority for you, it should be a central part of your balanced PR plan and calendar.

Connecting With Members This Summer

Great content ideas to stay in touch

by Sheryl Gudelsky

Credit Union Management’s online-only “PR Insight” column runs the first Thursday of every month. Because of the July 4 holiday, the column is running one day late this month!


As your members enjoy the fun and excitement that summer brings

Improve Marketing to Banks & Credit Unions by Speaking at Tradeshows

Consider including speaking engagements as a part of your financial PR plan

Similar to financial media coverage, speaking engagements have the ability to raise awareness and credibility of your company’s products and solutions and is a critical ingredient for selling to banks. Securing speaking engagements at industry conferences and tradeshows is a great advantage, but it also requires a great deal of time and effort as well as a little luck, to secure a single speaking engagement. Unlike media coverage, these engagements allow immediate follow up on sales leads on the tradeshow floor, often making them more valuable to clients.